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March - Rail Forum & Expo

2016 New England Rail Forum & Expo
Engineering & Transit Night Dinner Meeting
March 22, 2016

The New England Railroad Club invites members, industry professionals, and their guests to join us in Worcester, Massachusetts, on Tuesday, March 22, 2016, for our annual Rail Forum & Expo. The Expo will be the culmination of our year-long theme "New England's Rail System: Innovation & Growth." This year's event will include events, displays, and speakers that will focus on how the region's railroads are embracing new ideas, employing the latest technologies, and working together to better serve the region's changing freight and passenger needs. We look forward to seeing you on March 22th and want to remind you that the Expo is not only for our membership. Feel free to invite a friend, colleague, employee, or even college student that you think would benefit from learning more about our industry. By doing so we will help to increase knowledge about the positive impact that railroads are having on our region.

Prices for this year's Expo are:
Expo Only Ticket: $25 (All events except dinner)
Dinner/Expo Ticket: $85 (All events including dinner)
Booth price:
- Early registration: $500 (Includes 10'x10' w/table and backdrop)
- After March 1: $550

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Expo Schedule & Events

The 2016 Expo is occurring at both the DCU Center and the P&W Railroad. At the DCU Center the afternoon events will be held entirely within the exhibitor pavilion. After last year's successful show format, we will be keeping seminar area on the show floor so both attendees and exhibitors can attend the seminars and visit the displays. A shuttle bus will be available at the front of the DCU Center to transport attendees to the P&W Railroad for the popular equipment display.

Expo Floor Plan


Location: P&W Railroad Enginehouse
10:00am - 3:30pmEquipment Display and demonstrations
Location: Exhibitor Pavilion, DCU Center, 1st Floor
9:30amRegistration opens
11:15amExhibitor Hall opens
12:00pm – 1:15pmHosted Luncheon
1:30pm – 2:30pmSeminar: Spill Prevention and Response Plans
3:30pm – 4:30pmSeminar: Innovations in Infrastructure
5:00pm – 6:30pmHosted Cocktail Reception
Location: Grand Ballroom, DCU Center, 3rd Floor
6:45pmEngineering & Transit Night Dinner


Keynote: Robert C. Lauby, P.E., Associate Administrator for Railroad Safety & Chief Safety Officer, Federal Railroad Administration

Robert C. Lauby, P.E.
Associate Administrator for Railroad Safety & Chief Safety Officer
Federal Railroad Administration

Mr. Robert Lauby has 35 years of railroad and rail transit experience involving safety, security, accident investigation, project management, project engineering, manufacturing, and vehicle maintenance. His current position is Associate Administrator for Railroad Safety/Chief Safety Officer with the Federal Railroad Administration (FRA). In this role, he provides regulatory oversight for rail safety in the United States and oversees the development and enforcement of safety regulations and programs related to the rail industry.

Prior to his promotion to Associate Administrator in September 2013, he served as Deputy Associate Administrator for Regulatory and Legislative Operations. In that role, Mr. Lauby was responsible for FRA's safety rulemaking activities, including oversight of the Railroad Safety Advisory Committee (RSAC). He also served as Chairman of the FRA Safety Board that makes determinations on petitions for waivers from FRA regulations. In addition, he served as the program manager for the technical portion of FRA's high-speed rail safety program.

Prior to that, Mr. Lauby served as Staff Director of the FRA Passenger Rail Division, which was established in 2009 within the FRA Office of Railroad Safety to address passenger rail issues. Mr. Lauby's primary responsibilities were to develop and implement passenger rail safety programs and initiatives and coordinate and maintain FRA safety policies, regulations, and guidance for all safety matters related to commuter rail, intercity rail, and high-speed rail.

Before joining FRA in October 2005, Mr. Lauby was employed by Booz Allen Hamilton, where he performed safety and security work for the Federal Government and the railway and transit industry. During his tenure at Booz Allen, Mr. Lauby was assigned lead investigator by the Special Commission of Inquiry in the 2003 Waterfall, New South Wales, accident near Sydney, Australia. He was later assigned to lead recovery efforts to modify and reopen the Las Vegas Monorail.

Prior to joining Booz Allen, Mr. Lauby served as the Director of the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) Office of Railroad Safety, where he managed hundreds of railroad and rail transit accident investigations. He led the U.S. fact-finding contingent to the 1998 Eschede, Germany, Inter-City Express (ICE) accident investigation and represented the National Transportation Safety Board on the RSAC and the American Public Transportation Association's (formerly American Public Transit Association) Passenger Rail Equipment Safety Standards Committee.


Rail Equipment Showcase and Product Demonstrations

Once again the Providence and Worcester Railroad has welcomed us back to its Worcester headquarters so we can view locomotives, MOW vehicles, and other equipment now operating on the rail lines in and around New England. This year's display includes:

  • Providence & Worcester Railroad SD70M-2 #4301 (Being unveiled in new paint at the Expo!)
  • PanAm Railways 3400 Series SD40-2
  • New England Central (G&W) SD40 #3405
  • Vermont Rail System GP series locomotive
  • GATX SD60
  • CIT Group AC4400CW

Cars & MOW Equipment
  • Green Mountain Railroad Russell Snow Plow

  • Orange Locomotive Cab Air Conditioning Unit
  • Replacement Turbocharger Assembly
  • Ultrasonic Stuck Brake Detection System

The Equipment Display is included as part of all Expo ticketing options. The display runs from 10:00 am to 3:30pm. A free shuttle bus runs from the DCU Center to the P&W Enginehouse. Participants are asked to park and register at the DCU Center before going to the display. Please do not park at the enginehouse area. Individuals without tickets will be asked to register before being allowed into the display.

If your company would like to participate please contact us via email. Equipment space is free for participating railroads or builders. Remember: SAFETY FIRST! Parts of the shop area will be in use during the tour, and there will be switching movements occurring outside the building. Please consider all tracks to be "live", look both ways before crossing them, and do not walk outside of display areas.


At the P&W Railroad

Demonstration "Streaming Live" from Kansas City
10:00 am and 2:30 pm
Utrasonic Stuck Brake Detection System

Eugene Matzan, Matzan Reliability Solutions

Eugene Matzan updates us on a new ultrasonic “Stuck Brake” detection system designed to detect dragging brakes at speeds below 1 MPH. The first installation was completed on February 2nd of this year at the BNSF Argentine Hump Yard in Kansas City, Kansas. The system is also capable of detecting air leaks, wheel flats, and spalling, with work currently underway that will expand the system to verify wheel bearing defects. Part of the demonstration will include a live stream of the system diagnosing railcars as they pass over the hump.

(Demonstration/Live Stream will run throughout the equipment display)

At the DCU Center

Seminar #1
1:30pm – 2:30pm
Spill Prevention and Response Plans for Railroad Maintenance Facilities

Wade Narin van Court, Ph.D., P.E., Principal Engineer, TRC
Andrew Zompa, Providence & Worcester Railroad
Steve Wichman, Genesee & Wyoming/New England Central Railroad
Representatives from Other Area Railroads TBA

Railroads may be required to develop, implement, and maintain several different state and federal spill prevention and response plans, since maintenance and repairs for locomotives and rail cars involves using a wide range of hazardous materials, such as diesel fuel, lubricating and motor oils, hydraulic fluids, greases, solvents and cleaners, paints, and adhesives. Some plans are required by the regulations that address oil, hazardous materials, and hazardous waste storage and other regulations require plans due to the types of activities conducted – yet other plans are required because of the potential to pollute runoff or drainage from the facility. This presentation will review the types of plans that may be needed at a facility, some of the key points these plans address, and combining plans to ease your burden.

Seminar #2
3:30pm – 4:30pm
Innovations In Infrastructure

Understanding Steel Ties and Their Applications
Allene Brieger, Rail Team Leader, TranSystems

Due to the increase in cost effectiveness of steel ties in certain applications, their use has been steadily increasing. However, currently there can be conflicting guidance on their use and installation. For example, AREMA recommends a minimum of eight inches (8”) of ballast under steel ties, but the manufacturer recommends a minimum of ten inches (10”). In order to provide a better understanding of steel ties the following issues are discussed: why use steel ties; what are the best applications of steel ties; and how does their installation differ from wood ties? Case studies will be presented to show how specialty trackwork items such as turnouts, point guards, at-grade crossing panels, and bumping posts work with steel ties.

The Applications and Benefits of Resilience in Track Infrastructure
Dillon Benros, Project Engineer, Pandrol CDM Track

This presentation will focus on Under Tie Pads and Under Ballast Mats - When should they be considered, and what effects can you expect? These questions will be answered in the context of infrastructure protection, as well as ground-borne noise & vibration mitigation. Installation methods, track maintenance implications, and quantifiable long-term effects will also be discussed.


The hosted networking reception will be held in the exhibitor pavilion from 5:00 pm to 6:30 pm. We welcome you to join us for refreshments and hot and cold hors d'ouevres brought to us through the sponsorship of exhibitors and other members of the Club. The reception has traditionally been the event where the membership of the club gathers to meet each other, catch up with acquaintances, and discuss the goings-on in the New England railroad scene.